1QDoes the library have an English home page?

A : Yes, we have. The website is: http://www.library.fudan.edu.cn/eng/main.psp

2QMay I borrow some books? Can I use the electronic resources?

AFor International students, access to books and electronic resources varies according to different programs. Please confirm your permissions to your department or International Students Office.

3QWhere are the libraries? Do we have maps?

AThe 5 branches of the Fudan University library are located on 4 different campuses. And we do have maps. Please view:


4QIf I want to borrow books from the library, where can I find the collection catalogue?

AYou can search information about books, papers, periodicals and newspapers through OPAC, or you can use Wonder Search.

5QWhere is the English books collection on the Handan Campus?

AThey are mainly collected at Science Library, known as Foreign Teaching Materials Center.

6QWhat academic resources do our libraries have? And where should I begin?

AYou can find what you want through a one-stop resource discovery system: Wonder Search. For more information, please view:


7QWhat databases are subscribed in our library? And how do I find it?

AFudan University Library has subscribed up to 589 Chinese and foreign databases covering various areas. You can login in Academic Resources Portal to look through the list of databases, the website is:


You can also search these databases in the ‘database’ box on the main page or. For more information, please view:


8QHow can I get help when I have troubles in using library?

A: You can call us. Arts & Humanities Library(55664282), Science Library(65643165), Medical Science Library(54237067), Zhangjiang Library(51630043) and Lee Shau Kee Library(51355578).

You can also contact us by E-mail, our E-mail is: libref@fudan.edu.cn.

9QHow do I use electronic resources outside school?

A: You can access our electronic resources by set up a Proxy Severlibproxy.fudan.edu.cn8080when you are outside school. You can see the method to set up a Proxy Sever from the following website: